Monday, 21 December 2015

Analog and Digital Voice System

Analog Systems:

   When we thing of voice systems the very first thing that comes into our mind is a home phone. Like our home phones our old telephony systems used to operate in analog mode. It has two cables Ring and Tip and it operates on -48 DC voltage. When the circuit between the two gets complete it withdraws a dial tone from the central office. The voice waveform of these kind of calls are analog waveform.

Wednesday, 18 March 2015


A media resource is a software-based or hardware-based entity that performs media processing functions on the data streams to which it is connected. Media processing functions include mixing multiple streams to create one output stream (conferencing), passing the stream from one connection to another (media termination point), converting the data stream from one compression type to another (transcoding), streaming music to callers on hold (music on hold), echo cancellation, signaling, voice termination from a TDM circuit (coding/decoding), packetization of a stream, streaming audio (annunciation), and so forth. The software-based resources are provided by the Cisco Unified Communications Manager (Unified CM) IP Voice Media Streaming Service (IP VMS). Digital signal processor (DSP) cards provide both software and hardware based resources.

Monday, 16 March 2015

Media Termination Point

A media termination point (MTP) is an entity that accepts two full-duplex media streams. It bridges the streams together and allows them to be set up and torn down independently. The streaming data received
from the input stream on one connection is passed to the output stream on the other connection, and vice versa.