Tuesday, 19 February 2013

About this blog

I love to learn about the Cisco voice technologies, but the problem most of us face is that we dont have real hardware and platforms to work upon. Then the last option we are left with is virtual lab. I started my first lab with GNS3 where I made my first IP phone work. That day I was very happy but that took 3 months for me . I did everything correct but RAM was less on the router.
   Similarly while preparing for CCNA voice and later we face lots of issues because we don't get much help how to configure different things and we get stuck on simple issues.
My point for starting this lab is to help everyone step by how to configure CME, CUCM and combine them. How to use multiple IP phones, integrate CUCM with internet, configuring SIP trunk all without a single hardware. The only thing you should have a computer with good configuration and an internet connection.
  When I started my first milestone, it was making an IP phone work with CME , then I got stuck how to make other IP phone work as we can run just one instance of IP phone.So here is the stop where you will get solutions to most of your lab issues.

   I would like to add, I am highly grateful to Cisco learning network and their people who always helped me with all kind of issues.


  1. Nice one but we are waiting for more on this ...!!!


  2. Yes, I will update probably on weekend. Creating some outlines..

  3. That really is the solution to the problem. Thanks for your thoughts.
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