Monday, 14 October 2013

Integrating VMware with GNS3

Hi All,

  This is one of the toughest situation I faced when I tried to integrate VMware and GNS3 as I had to simulate a voice gateway working with CUCM and as I said its a no hardware lab (excludes my PC). After 2 months of trails and failures finally I found a way to do it.

  In the previous posts we have created loopback adaptors and VMnet1 adaptor. I have emphasized on VMnet for this reason only so our integration becomes easy with GNS3.

   In the last post we have created a VMnet adaptor with IP and we will use the same adaptor to the cloud of GNS3.

Here is how I will configure it, I will configure fa0/0 port on my router on GNS3 with IP Please note while installing your CUCM give your CUCM gateway IP of GNS3 router , in our case it would be

Step 1: Create a normal topology with a router and a cloud.
Step 2:

Configure Cloud with VMnet 1 adaptor:


Create connection using manual connection on interface fa 0/0:

Step 4:

Configure Router

Step 5:

Check Connectivity

In step 4 you will see that I am not able to ping my VMnet adaptor, not to worry that happens due to some firewall issue but I can ping my Call Manager on and Vice versa from

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